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heeeey tumblr, I remade my blog


So I had a tumblr like, three freakin years ago but then my parents almost found my fics and I was like ‘nope nope nope nope’ so I changed the url and abandoned it. Since then I’ve been using my primary blog, ephemeralcat, so this blog will be solely for fandomy things. I do have a fandom blog too but well no one talks to me there so I thought I’d make ANOTHER fandom blog as Ghostie because most people already know me as Ghostie (if they have tumblrs??).

If you don’t know who I am which I feel is probs anyone reading this, I write fic on THF under the penname Ghostie, I also have a fandom-related twitter under the same name as this blog, and I like to write about twins. You may call me Ghostie, or by my name, Tan. I don’t really care which!

Aaand. Yeah. Twins and fic and stuff, woop. c:

here’s my new blog ^^^

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hey! I’m alive

I made a new tumblr, toastieghostie, which is a secondary blog on my primary account, ephemeralcat. Buuut this still exists and has a decent number of followers, so I was also thinking of just bringing this to life again. The problem is, it’s on a different email so I’d have to log in and out to get between accounts.

so, if you guys could just like…migrate over there…it’d be neat. thanks!